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Chai Season: Unpacking The Tea Centre’s Family of Chai Blends

Chai, meaning tea in Hindi, is a popular beverage that originated in India and is now enjoyed by many countries around the world. One of the most popular black tea fusions in the world, this spicy brew is the perfect drink to sip during the cooler months. Take a journey with us through the origins of chai, and the chai blends on offer at The Tea Centre.

The Origins of Chai

Chai, which means “tea” in Hindi, traces its roots back to ancient India, where it was first consumed for its medicinal properties. The tradition of drinking spiced tea dates back thousands of years, with early recipes including a blend of black tea leaves, spices, and herbs believed to promote health and well-being.

Over time, chai evolved into a beloved social beverage enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, from bustling chai stalls on street corners to elegant tea rooms in palaces.


What makes Chai, Chai?

One of the defining characteristics of chai is its complex and aromatic flavour profile, which comes from a blend of spices and herbs. While recipes can vary widely depending on regional preferences and personal taste, common ingredients found in chai include:

  • Black tea leaves: Typically strong and robust varieties like Assam or Ceylon.
  • Spices: Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper are commonly used to add warmth and depth to chai.
  • Sweeteners: Sugar, honey, or traditionally, jaggery are often added to balance the spices and enhance the sweetness of chai.
  • Milk: Traditionally, chai is brewed with milk to create a creamy and indulgent beverage.


The Tea Centre’s Family of Chai

We currently have a wide range of different chai blends, with the perfect blend for every palate.


Brewing Chai Traditionally

Brewing chai in the traditional Indian way is a time-honoured ritual that requires patience, attention to detail, and a careful balance of flavours. 

Check out our comprehensive guide to brewing chai here!

Chai is typically enjoyed with the addition of milk and a sweetener such as honey, but we think one of the best ways to enjoy chai is in the company of loved ones, so why not share a cup!

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