Revealing The Tea Centre’s Favourite Biscuits to Have with a Cuppa

There are a few classic combinations that are universally known, Bonnie and Clyde, Tom and Jerry, and of course, the humble cuppa and a biscuit. World Biscuit Day is upon us (held annually on May 29th for those who celebrate), so we’ve asked the hard hitting question to members of The Tea Centre’s team – What’s your favourite biscuit to have with a cup of tea?

Here are the most popular answers.

Scotch Finger Biscuit

The humble scotch finger was the clear winner amongst the tea-m, with the most votes out of all the biscuits – and for good reason. This classic bickie is probably one you have fond memories of sharing with your parents or grandparents as a child.

Why We love it

‘Goes with literally every black tea! It’s the perfect dunker’ – Hannah, Robina

‘Buttery, absorbs tea well when dunked, great all-rounder’ – Moriah, Townsville

‘When feeling indulgent it’s a chocolate scotch finger biscuit- the chocolate adds a silky smoothness to the dry buttery biscuit- If I could get away with it I would eat these all day long with my teas! – Em, Chermside

Venetian Biscuit

An unsung hero in second place, the Venetian Biscuit boasts a chewy, oaty cookie texture, with blueberries and a generous coating of a white chocolate icing.

Why We love it

‘The slightly melted icing is phenomenal’ – Hannah, Carindale

‘The white chocolate stuff on top and the chewy biscuit are so addictive’ – Bridgette, Head office

Must-Try Tea Pairing

Breakfast Blends (with milk), Single Origin Black Teas, & Irish Breakfast.


Milk Chocolate Digestive

Although the name might make it sound boring and ‘healthy’, a wheat biscuit coated in chocolate can’t ever be a bad move with your cuppa (unless you’re Celiac, in which case, keep reading to hear one of our gluten free picks!)

Why We love it

‘For that heavenly moment when you dunk and the chocolate goes all melty’- Hayley, Kotara

‘They get just the right amount of soft & tea flavoured without totally falling apart and ruining your cup immediately.’ – Lara, Carindale

Must-Try Tea Pairing

Strong Black Teas, Breakfast Blends, Chai, & Sweet Fusion Teas (with a splash of milk)


A yummy little icing coated Gingerbread circle, so cute, so tasty! Nothing says Aussie Christmas more than a bag of Pfeffernusse and those little Santa shaped lollies on Nana’s table.

Why We love it

‘I always stock up when Aldi brings them out at xmas because I can never be bother making them myself’ – Madi, Piccadilly & Hornsby

Must-Try Tea Pairing

Mellow Cream Oolong, Cream Green, & Tea for Sunday.

Nice Biscuit

As the name suggests, this biscuit is certainly very nice to enjoy with a cuppa, and is another one you’re probably familiar with from your childhood.

Why We love it

Arnott’s Nice biscuits make me really nostalgic and remind me of times in my childhood where I would have tea and bickies with my mum and granny.- Amelia, Townsville

Must-Try Tea Pairing

Tea for Sunday & Yorkshire Blend.

Special Mentions

There were a number of other biscuits & tea pairings that didn’t make the top of the list that we couldn’t forget about.

  • Tim Tams with After Dark, Holly, Robina
  • Lemon Crisp biscuits with Assam (without milk) – Caitlyn, Head Office
  • Gingernuts with Mangalam AssamAnnie, Canberra
  • Anzac Biscuits with Sticky ChaiKaren, Chermside
  • Gingernuts with Mumbai ChaiMolly, Brisbane Arcade
  • Eatwell Gluten Free Shortbread with Vanilla ChaiIssy, Brisbane Arcade
  • Choc Chip Cookies with Cream BlackJess, Robina,  & Dessert teas – Jaymee-Lee, Robina


Did your favourite biscuit make the cut? Be sure to enjoy this World Biscuit Day with a hot cup of tea and your favourite bickie. Happy sipping!

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