Top-Up Tin Tuesdays

Tin Top Up Tuesdays

The ultimate cure for Monday blues is our brew-tiful ‘Tin Top Up Tuesdays’ special!

Simple, sustainable, and savings are the three words that best describe The Tea Centre’s new and exciting ‘Tin Top Up Tuesdays’ special.

Our ten stores across Australia will not only top up any Tea Centre tins you’ve purchased in the past but will shave 20% off the final cost to fill it! 

How does the special work, you ask? Rest assured that we’ve answered what’s bound to be your most frequently asked questions.

What ‘tin’ am I allowed to bring in for Tin Top Up Tuesdays?

Given sustainability is at the heart of this special, we’ll leave the interpretation up to you! 

It doesn’t matter if you bring in a Tea Centre small tin, large tin, Eigenart tin or even a ‘I don’t have a tin but I want the special’ lunchbox.

As long as it has a lid, it counts!

Where and when can I top up my tea tin?

You can top-up your tea tins in any one of The Tea Centre’s stores across Australia during their Tuesday trading hours, which you can find here

Please note that The Tea Centre’s online store is excluded from this special. Furthermore, customers can top-up their tins any day of the week at The Tea Centre; what makes Tuesdays special is the 20% discount.

What teas can I top up my tin with?

Why with any of the 150+ loose leaf brews on our menu or in our iconic tea walls! That includes our premium teas, limited edition blends, organic teas, and seasonal brews.

The only teas that we won’t top up your tins with are those already encased in our biodegradable tea bags. After all, our consciously-crafted tea bag packaging is already 100% plastic-free and recyclable anyway!

Any other T&Cs that we should know about?

Only the common sense ones that you already expect! This offer will be running into the foreseeable future and is not redeemable with other Tea Centre offers. 

The 20% top-up tea discount is only redeemable for The Tea Centre’s loose leaf tea collection (not teabags). The tin you are topping up must have a lid and not have a capacity exceeding 500-grams. 

The Tea Centre will also top up your tin with whatever amount you like so long as the weight exceeds 50-grams. You may top up multiple tins at a time, but only with one individual tea per tin brought in. 

This offer is available at all ten of The Tea Centre’s physical stores (Brisbane, Canberra, Chermside, Carindale, Hornsby, Kotara, Robina, Sydney, Toowoomba, and Townsville), excluding the online shop. 

Didn’t find an answer to your Tin Top Up Tuesday question above? Don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. You could also leave a comment or ask one of our friendly staff next time you’re visiting in-store!

Tea you soon!

4 thoughts on “Tin Top Up Tuesdays

  1. Manouri Kumarasinghe says:

    I’m unable to come today. But would love to refill my peppermint tea. I have a tin. How can I pay online and then come on Thursday to pick it up from the Chermside store?
    Thank you

    • Jacqui Pon says:

      Unfortunately, The Tea Centre does not have a pay-online, pick-up in-store policy to go with our Tin Top-Up Tuesday special. However, this special is available every Tuesday going forward! So even if you can’t come in today, there’s always next Tuesday.

  2. El says:

    Hi, I am a slow alone drinker and often even the 50 gram keeps me company for quite a long time preventing me to try out more tea options. Would it be possible to get, say, 25 gram of one tea and 25 gram of the other given they have the same price?

    • Jacqui Pon says:

      Hi El, completely understand taking your time to enjoy tea! Unfortunately, it’s store policy across the board that the minimum purchase is 50-grams of tea. However, please note that the shelf life for most of our teas is two years, so you can definitely purchase multiple 50-gram teas at once and still have plenty of time to enjoy them. Otherwise, all of our stores also offer 1x free sample to Leaf Lovers every month, which is another way you can try out more tea options! We’re also currently working on exciting new sample products that we hope to present to explorer sippers such as yourself soon 🙂

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