Treat Mum To The Best Mother’s Day



A Cosy Home-Cooked Breakfast


Nothing beats a home-made breakfast in bed! A delicious made-with-love breakfast and a piping hot pot of tea is the ideal start to a perfect Mother’s Day. Surprise Mum with with her favourite morning meal, but make it extra special by serving one of our fine-quality teas.


If you’re preparing a traditional big breakfast we recommend pairing it with our Tea for Sunday. This blend has a strong Assam base with a sprinkle of vanilla bean. When serving sweeter breakfast treats like pancakes or waffles, we suggest brewing up a classic black tea to refresh the palate. Our high-grade Hajua Assam SFTGFOP has a smooth but aromatic flavour – a perfect pairing for sweet food.


Consider gifting Mum a ‘Tea for One’ such as the Belle Fleur design by Royal Devonshire. These are designed to fill the teacup twice over while the teapot keeps the cup below warm between sips. Perfect for Mum as she indulges in her Mother’s Day breakfast, or whenever she needs some well deserved me-time.






A Garden Tea Party


A tea party in your back garden is a gorgeous and fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day with the whole family. Set a table outside with platters of finger-food and cakes – a balanced mix of sweet and savoury offerings is usually the best. Flag bunting strung between trees and jars of fresh flowers will beautifully set the scene. Most importantly, ensure you have plenty of tea out for everyone to enjoy!


Our Turkish Delight tea will go down a treat with most, and make sure Mum’s cup is filled to the brim throughout the day! We would suggest our Imari Pot by Royal Devonshire to perfectly fit the garden party theme. For something different, prepare our Japanese Garden as an iced tea and serve it up in glass jugs with slices of fresh fruit. Delicious!







Mother’s Day High Tea


Hosting a High Tea will have Mum feeling like royalty and is a great opportunity to invite all generations to enjoy tea and treats. While High Tea is an opulent experience, putting it together is relatively simple. The emphasis is on fine tea, great food, and serving it all in pretty teapots and teacups. 


A nice clash of different teawares is a joyful and colourful way to decorate High Tea, but if you’re looking for something special, our stunning Cristina Re Ivory Pot and matching Ivory Cup & Saucer are plated in 24ct gold. Only the best for Mum!


To brew the perfect pot of tea, we recommend heating the pot with a little boiling water first. Then add 1 teaspoon of tea for every 200ml of water in the pot. Steep for just 3-5 minutes to ensure your brew doesn’t go bitter. Broken leaf blends are best at 3 minutes, flavoured black teas at 4 minutes, and larger leaf teas can steep for up to 5 minutes. This method will ensure the optimum flavour and also that your pot stays as warm as possible while you chat away and enjoy the day.


Ideal tea offerings include our lavish French Earl Grey and the luscious Royal Ritz. 





We hope you enjoy! 

Wishing each and every Mum the best Mother’s Day.





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