What Sets Breakfast Teas Apart From Other Teas?

As the sun rises and the world awakens, there’s nothing quite like the comforting ritual of starting the day with a warm cup of breakfast tea. Renowned for its robust flavours and invigorating aroma, breakfast blends have captured the hearts and palates of tea lovers across the globe, But what exactly are breakfast teas, and what sets them apart from other single-origin varieties? 

Read on to learn more about breakfast teas, their origins, blending techniques, and what makes them different from their single origin counterparts!


What Are Breakfast Teas?

Breakfast teas, sometimes referred to as “morning teas,” are bold and full-bodied blends crafted specifically to kickstart the day with a burst of flavour and energy. While the term “breakfast tea” can encompass a variety of blends, the most iconic and well-known varieties include English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, and Scottish Breakfast teas. These teas are typically composed of a blend of black tea leaves sourced from different regions, carefully selected to achieve a harmonious balance of strength, richness, and depth.

Master blenders meticulously combine black teas from various origins, such as Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya, to achieve the desired taste and character. Each component contributes its own distinctive qualities to the blend. By skillfully blending different teas, blenders can create breakfast teas that are tailored to specific preferences, ranging from bold and brisk to smooth and mellow.

The History Behind Breakfast Teas

The origins of breakfast teas can be traced back to the 19th century, a time when tea drinking was becoming increasingly popular in Britain and Ireland. As the demand for tea grew, merchants and tea companies began blending black teas from different regions to create robust and hearty brews that could withstand the addition of milk and sugar, common practices at the time.

English Breakfast Tea, one of the most iconic breakfast blends, was reputedly developed by Richard Davies, a London tea merchant, in the early 19th century. Since then, breakfast teas have become a beloved morning staple.


What Makes Breakfast Teas different?

Unlike single-origin teas, which highlight the unique characteristics of tea leaves from a specific region, breakfast teas are celebrated for their complexity and versatility. By blending teas from different origins, breakfast teas offer a flavour profile that combines the best attributes of each tea in the blend. 

Whether enjoyed plain or with a splash of milk, breakfast teas delight the senses with their robust body, briskness, and depth of flavour. From the malty richness of English Breakfast to the boldness of Irish Breakfast and the strength of Scottish Breakfast, each variety of breakfast tea offers a distinct taste experience that embodies the essence of morning indulgence.


New to the World of Breakfast Teas?

If you’re looking to enjoy a breakfast tea for the first time, why not give one of our most popular breakfast blends a try?


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