You’re all set! The teapot and teaware that best suits your tea drinking habits.

In the same way that a craftsperson is lost without his tool belt, a wholesome tea drinking experience is not complete without the right equipment—namely, a proper teapot and accompanying teaware and accessories.


Contrary to “I’m a little teapot,” not all teapots are short and stout! While quality is the common denominator among all of The Tea Centre’s teaware, teapots and accessories come in all different kinds of shapes, size, and materials. 

Therefore, finding the right teapot, tea set, or teacup for you is wholly dependent on your own tea-sipping habits. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and had our tea-loving experts break down the best teaware for every type of tea drinker below!

For the green tea fiend…

Meet your new best friends, which are our stunning range of glass teapots and cups! This range was designed specifically with the aesthetically-conscious, green tea lover in mind, as glassware is known to retain less heat than other teaware materials…which is exactly what you want when brewing green tea!

Given its shorter oxidisation process, green tea leaves are much more delicate in comparison to black tea, and therefore more prone to burning if brewed in water that’s too hot, or steeped in teaware that retains too much heat. Green tea tastes best when brewed in 80°C water and using glassware (especially our double-walled glass cups that ensure neither your tea, nor your hand, is burnt in the brewing process!) will guarantee a perfect cup of green tea every time.

As for the finest green tea of them all—matcha powder—we suggest investing in a matcha ceremonial tea set that comes equipped with a bamboo scoop and whisk that are essential to the matcha making process.

For those who love to share…

Sharing is caring, and there’s no better way to show some tender loving tea than with our gorgeous range of Japanese tea sets! Boasting capacities between 450ml and 650ml (4–6 cups), our high-quality range of Japanese tea sets (coming with 2–4 teacups) are all handmade in Japan from the finest ceramic available and finished off with a stylish print and protective glaze. 

They also all come with stainless steel infusers that are great for infusing teas and ensuring easy disposable of tea leaves post-event! As for the hosts who are after the most, look no further than our nifty range of bamboo and stainless steel tea scoops. Both stylish and efficient, tea scoops are the ideal accessory for any tea caddy or tall tea tin.

For our lazy tea drinkers…


Sipping in style doesn’t have to be an arduous process! For the tea drinkers who prioritise the ability to lay back and relax (a cup of tea in hand, of course), look no further than our range of Robert Gordon stoneware teapots and mugs. Notching 76 years of pottery-making experience under their belt, the prestigious Australian Robert Gordon company only produce the finest hand-crafted clay and porcelain teaware.

We especially adore Robert Gordan earthenware, such as the crafted mug sets and ‘white Ceylon’ teapot, as their non-porous and durable interiors make them ideal for those looking to skip out on washing up! Traditionally, earthenware was not washed as it’s said that the material retains the memory of the tasty tea inside. With Robert Gordon stoneware, a simple rinse in warm water will do!    

For those who like it cold…

Is there anything more satisfying than sipping a cool iced tea on a hot Australian day? For our patient tea drinkers who are willing to wait for the perfect cup, look no further than our DIY flasks and jugs, all of which come equipped with tea infusers!

Simply choose your favourite herbal tisane or fruity fusion tea, brew it in water or sparkling soda and steep using a flask or jug for three hours in the fridge to create a ready-to-drink iced tea beverage. Find detailed recipes on how to make our popular Australian sencha and lemon myrtle infusion here or our healthy sparkling fruit iced tea here.

For putting on display…

If you’re a bonafide collector looking to zhuzh up your tea cabinet, look no further than our range of bone China tea sets! Don’t let their delicate appearance fool you; first developed in eighteenth-century England, bone China is some of the most durable (as well as beautiful) teaware currently on the market.

We especially love the Christiana white & gold gilded teapot, which would make the perfect gift when paired with a pre-packaged tin from our premium tea range. Alternatively, those who prefer Oriental-styled tea sets will love our Japanese tea sets available here.

For the pure and simple folks…

The teaware of choice for those on the go! Those who need their tea-making ritual to be quick, functional, and easy to clean can rely on our range of stainless steel and  Bodum glass pots. This range of teaware has an industrial look that suits contemporary kitchens, is cleverly designed to keep tea hot as you’re bustling around the house, are dishwater-safe (and therefore easy to clean!), and come equipped with infusers that are BPA-free. 

Running out the door and haven’t finished your tea? Simply purchase any one of our great travel mugs and you’re good to go. 


You’re all set, tea lovers! Pick up your teaware today and let us know in the comments what teaware best suits your tea drinking habits. 

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