The zest teas for summer

For our tea lovers craving vitamin C, prepare to meet your latest squeeze with our list of the zest teas for summer.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade tea! Or if you shop at The Tea Centre, let our sip-happy experts point you in the right direction when it comes to picking the perfect citrus-filled loose leaf for your palate this summer.

Did you know that our collection has citrus sprinkled in everything from oolongs to your traditional black breakfast tea? This is for three reasons: there’s citrus fruit in abundance no matter the season, they come packed with refreshing health benefits, and the versatility in flavours makes citrus a go-to ingredient for a number of our delicious teas!

Without further ado, find our top tastiest citrus picks below.

Orange Flower Oolong

Bright flower power combines with malty oolong notes to give one the most calming citrus sip! Orange Flower Oolong boasts orange blossoms, which are from (you guessed it!) orange trees.

These gorgeous tangerine filaments from the flowers not only smell reminiscent of jasmine and nutmeg but have aromatherapy benefits too.

Pairing perfectly with the rolled oolong leaves, this tea overall is fantastic at lowering cortisol levels, feeding the body antioxidants, and 


regulating blood pressure.This is a limited-edition tea, so make sure to try it before summer ends!

Yerba Maté Green Lemon

All citrus teas possess a refreshing kick, but combining lemon peel and lemongrass with caffeine-crazy yerba maté? Now we’re talking.

Yerba Matė Green Lemon is another Tea Centre limited-edition brew that offers an exciting twist on a South American staple. While not part of the citrus family, lemongrass does contain high levels of citral that not only helps improve immunity but complement the tea’s earthy tones and lemon peel notes.

A herbal tisane with a difference, this tea is the perfect companion for night owls and caffeine aficionados alike.

Japanese Lime


While away summertime with Japanese Lime in hand! Having covered herbal teas and oolongs, it’s time to dedicate space to The Tea Centre’s zippiest green tea yet. Bringing together Japanese sencha with citrus peel (lemon and lime) and lemongrass, this brew tastes beautiful hot or iced.

Health-wise, this humble beverage is bursting vitamin C and citral content. This makes it great at battling inflammations, relieving anxiety, and calming digestive ailments. See what all the fuss is about by picking up some for yourself here.

Miss Grey

Could we really go a Tea Journal entry without mentioning the queen of the citrus teas, a bergamot-infused Earl Grey? Specifically, we’re giving the spotlight to Miss Grey, The Tea Centre’s invigorating remix on the classic Lady Grey tea.

Infusing your quintessential Earl Grey with jasmine petals and lemon peel to boot, you’ll love to drink this tea in with more than just your eyes! This colour loose leaf brews up rich caffeine, tangy bergamot, and zesty citral flavours. Ladies and gentlemen of leisure can pick up this elegant brew amongst our other Earl Grey fusions here.

Blue Lagoon Fruit Tisane

How often does one find the perfect orange peel, cat’s paws, apple, and hibiscus fruit tea? About once in a Blue Lagoon

Jokes aside, this fruit infusion has antioxidants aplenty, bioflavonoids galore, and a natural sweetness that always makes sippers come back for more. A treat for the tastebuds, Blue Lagoon is a delicious iced in the summer, and a great cold reliever when brewed hot in the wintertime.

Blood Orange tea

Daredevil citrus fans, rejoice. Blood Orange takes the peel of your favourite citron creation and marries it with the finest black tea to give you a truly unique tea! 

Offering raspberry, apple, and hibiscus notes along with comforting orange flavour, our Blood Orange brew is truly the best of the fruit basket. As well as carrying more vitamins and antioxidants compared to navel oranges, blood orange tea is thought to help with liver function and improve one’s overall holistic health.

Ready to put the likes of lemonade and orange juice aside for its steamier counterpart? Then begin exploring The Tea Centre’s zest teas for summer today!

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